Why is SEO a long-term strategy?

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The Constantly Changing Consumer Market

This Forbes Article discusses the importance of MP3s. Few people will remember the Rio PMP 300 MP3 player, which was released by Diamond Multimedia. Apple did not join the iPod market until 2001, but they had a significant impact on the ever-evolving SEO market.

Apple’s 2001 debut was headlined “1,000 songs in your pockets” and has continued to evolve as the MP3 Market becomes more competitive. Apple began to market its wide range of colors (to compete with Zen) when storage became less important. Next came size, picture quality, and videos.

Whatever market you are in, consumers will search differently for your products and services over time.

Other Competition

Consumer search behavior changes constantly, but the competitive landscape companies are facing is changing as well. These competitors will create more content online, so your company needs to produce content that answers searchers’ queries better. A competitor may release a new piece of content that is more popular than you and draw more traffic to your site. This is why people will often say that content is king.

Search Engine Rules

Google and other search engines update their algorithms regularly to make sure people aren’t gaming the system and produce the best search results possible for consumers. Google and other search engines aim to make it easy for users to find the information they need in as few clicks possible. They must also look for opportunities to improve and innovate. To be able to rank at the top, companies must stay on top of current trends.