Think SEO will be dead in 2022? Think Again !

Think SEO will be dead in 2022? Think Again 

Artificial Intelligence Voice and video search Social media, voice and video search. Every year, it appears that SEO is preparing to go into the ground. In the coming years, it will be replaced with superior, more modern alternatives that are expected to take over an industry that has over 25 years of experience. What does this mean? Will SEO be gone by 2022? The answer is no.

This article was created by GA Agency, an agency with its headquarters in London that provides SEO consultation services. GA Agency is an SEO agency that is multilingual and has several years of experience working with a variety of prominent international brands.

Will SEO remain relevant 2022?

Yes, absolutely. Even though certain SEO techniques that worked in the past are no longer functioning, SEO kept evolving. Continuously reinventing itself in order to better meet the needs of users, cutting down on useless, unproductive methods to make it better.

A glance at Google Trends for queries such as SEO Agency and SEO Consultant reveal a stunning rising trend. This means that SEO isn’t a dying field. In fact, it’s contrary.


Time-based interest for the search phrase ‘SEO Agency’ 2016-21. Source Google Trends.

The chart clearly shows the chart clearly shows, the demand for SEO-related consultancy solutions continues to be at an all-time level. The spread of the disease has forced increasing companies to use their websites to maintain the demand. What better method to achieve this than by implementing an efficient SEO strategy?

The reason SEO isn’t dead

Similar to many industries, there are many misconceptions regarding SEO. Businesses have had to be “burned” by unprofessional agencies or were a victim of marketing emails. While these emails promised the best positions in the world at absurd prices, it only resulted in a decision to label SEO to be ineffective or waste of money.

A properly thought-out SEO-related strategy remains an effective and flexible and cost-effective investment options for any budget for online marketing.

SEO requires you to comprehend your customers

Instead of being seen as a source of competition, and the money taken off your PPC and marketing spend, SEO should represent a an additional voice in any spending plan for digital advertising. The thorough research on user intent that is included in every research project and mapping can make a huge difference. Let your brand know your target audience and the type of their online behavior. Be it transactional, informative or navigational. Incorporating keywords into the copy on your landing page can also improve Google Ads’ quality score which results in better placement in search results and lower CPCs.

Credibility and authenticity

While the pay-per-click method and social media advertising are excellent tools to increase the visibility of your brand organic content offers something that PPC and social media tend to not have. Because of the more commercial nature of these tools, authenticity and authority. People who use the Internet may be uncomfortable with paid or promoted content. Good SEO content speaks the same language of your users which is more obtrusive than paid search.

Building trust with your audience and transferring your authority is much easier when you use organic channels, like SEO which allows users to access the information they need at their own pace.

Good SEO results in improved user experience

Excellent content, better understanding of your customer and an impact on the perception of your brand are just a few of the many benefits that come with using strategies for SEO. But, one of the most important aspects of a current SEO strategy is to improve the experience for users on your site. in 2022 your site is your online property and must be as beautiful and comfortable as the physical store you have.

With Google in the process of launching the webpage experience upgrade as ranking factor page experience has evolved into an important aspect in determining the internet growth of your company.

SEO never ends

SEO is about constant advancement. There’s no any such thing as a perfect site or website that isn’t able to tap into its potential. SEO-focused means that you are trying to maximize your brand’s and website’s online potential. A commitment to SEO is the constant quest for technical advancements as well as the work of creating new websites or acquiring new hyperlinks via digital PR.

Being able to implement a comprehensive SEO strategy is never more essential. Local SEO and image search, zero-click search and schema markups have completely changed what SEO was just one year back.

Will SEO ever die?

Do you think that providing the best user experience, as well as timely and well-written content, ever end? I’m betting that, once more, SEO will outlast its opponents. It is constantly evolving, changing into something completely different. Yet, they are still able to find ways to remain essential to every brand’s advertising and marketing budgets. In the words of the Google’s Search contact John Mueller, search engines won’t ever reach an extent where SEO is not a necessity.

If you’re not yet embracing SEO but, it’s the perfect time to embark in the direction of an excellent site that is friendly to search engines as well as real users.