Static Vs. Digital Menu Boards.

Static Vs Digital Menu Boards

While the difference between static and digital menu boards is slight, both can be highly effective for your business. A digital board will allow you to control the content of the board from a remote location. You can also change the content on a digital menu board in a snap, rather than waiting months for a print menu board to be printed. Moreover, digital menu boards are easier to maintain and can be changed more frequently, which makes them more attractive to your customers.

The main disadvantage of static menu boards is their cost. While the former will save you money, digital menu boards require a dedicated marketing resource. You will need someone to oversee the program and the branding message. The costs are high, but you’ll be able to measure ROI easily. In addition, digital boards make it easier to add special features, such as QR codes. With all the benefits that digital menu boards can offer, the choice can be a great investment for your restaurant.

Both types of digital menu boards have their pros and cons. The main advantage of digital solutions is that they can be easily updated. You can change the layout, design, or content of the board with just a few clicks of the mouse. You can also run different types of campaigns using the software. In addition to that, digital menu boards are also easier to manage. They have the advantages of being more flexible and more affordable.

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