Instagram Marketing Tips for Promoting Your Company on the Internet

Why Instagram should be of interest to online Marketers?

Instagram is a major social media player with more than one billion users.

Simply put, it’s a highly effective mobile sharing (photos and videos) social network that allows users to take photos and videos of short duration (one-minute maximum) and upload them to other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr. The younger generations are likely to move away from the use of words and the general public is also in love with images and videos.

There’s plenty of room and opportunities for you to reach out to your ideal market right now and turn Instagram users into subscribers, traffic, and even sales for your business.

Let’s look at five Instagram marketing strategies you can implement to market your company on Instagram:

1. Create content that you can tailor to your desired Public

Because it is primarily a graphic medium Instagram is able to complement Facebook advertising as well as strategy for advertising on Twitter. Alongside sharing think about how images and beautiful images can entice people to your site and help them enter your funnel for sales. Check out what some of the most popular brands are doing to improve the effectiveness of their Instagram space.

  • Do not forget to apply filters. Snaps taken on the fly tend to look mediocre on first glance. This is why Instagram’s filtering feature allows you to turn your photos into stunning photos that attract interest – the first step towards making users take action.
  • Make sure you also create videos since videos have very high levels of engagement on Instagram.

2. Send people to your Link Carefully

Instagram doesn’t allow hyperlinks in captions of photos (non-clickable) or in comments however, you can include hyperlinks (150 words maximum) within your bio. The majority of marketers utilize this feature to hyperlink back to their website home page or the landing page for their current campaign.

  • You may choose to overlay URLs on images however it’s more likely to direct people to the bio’s clickable link. If you choose to utilize paid ads on Instagram it is possible to include links that can be clicked.
  • Be aware that although Instagram is an awesome platform to grow your following and engage your customers, you need to bring users back to your site to create an email list and increase leads and sales, too.

3. Limit the text descriptions and messages in the bare essentials

Instagram doesn’t impose the posting of posts with a limit on characters unlike Twitter. It’s still best to let images do the majority all the speaking. In addition, because shorter Facebook and Twitter posts generate more engagement and traffic so your followers on Instagram are likely to follow this trend.

In the end, thoughtful captions can give additional information and boost your engagement and conversion rates. Make sure your captions are short and attractive, or at a minimum place the most important details in the middle of your post when you’re planning on writing more lengthy posts. A majority of readers will look up what’s directly below your images however, fewer people will extend the text to read the content that is removed.

4. Maximize Engagement Opportunities

Try out hashtags. The right hashtags to choose is not a science therefore, look into the hashtags that others in your field are using, and then consult with the prolific bloggers who frequently provide intriguing word suggestions.

Follow requests for follow and follow individuals who share beautiful photos and interesting teaching points to your marketing campaigns. Be sure to inform your followers on your newsletters and website that you’re using Instagram! Include Instagram “Follow” buttons or send periodic reminders to your subscribers to let them know that you have content on Instagram. The more avenues you have to connect with your followers (email, Facebook, Twitter and so on.) the greater chance you have of people seeing your message and taking the steps you’d like them do.

5. Always test and monitor

In the world of social media, new trends and fads can change and disappear in a flash and so be sure to keep your ears and eyes open for Instagram’s latest new developments and changes to policies. When you test new methods to improve your performance, you can increase and be noticed by more users.

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