How to Manage Your Business Using Google Apps

How to Manage Your Business Using Google Apps

Google Apps (now rebranded G Suite – is an online office suite that is based in cloud computing. Utilizing Gmail as its base and the engineering team at Google have developed a complete collection of online software. If you’re thinking about this option, then you’re in good hands. It’s a very popular service that has attractive prices (it begins at $6 per month per user).

G Suite is Google’s brand of cloud computing. Your software and data are stored on the internet (or, “in the clouds”) instead of traditional desktop computing and servers that are located.
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3 Methods Google Apps can Help Your Business
  1. Maintenance, Upgrades and Investment-Free: Let Google and the other service providers worry about power surgesand failing hard drives, upgrades and compatibility as you manage your business.
  2. Absolute Mobility Through Google Apps cloud computing services, you’re able to explore the globe (or at the very least, leave your office every at least once or twice) and at the same time, having the entire business available regardless of whether or not you carry your laptop on you or not. A connection to the internet will grant users access to their data as well as your applications.
  3. Simple Collaboration Transfer files, video, and concepts effortlessly and without the confusion of duplicated email. Multiple people can work with the same document. There are even different colored cursors, so you will be able to see exactly where each user is. This allows collaboration to be a breeze.

How It Works

Google offers a range of office applications, like email Word processing, calendars and spreadsheets, among others. that are accessible online. What differentiates G Suite from traditional software is the Marketplace applications that work with Google’s main services. While Google offers its core services, each and every tool is accessible through the Google Marketplace, allowing users to choose and select according to their needs. Google has partnered with a variety of leading web-based service suppliers including Xero up to Copper. While some of these services are free, some provide trial trials for a specified period of time or a set amount of customers. After the trial period ends they typically operate under the basis of a monthly subscription fee.

By nature, cloud computing allows for complex collaboration between clients, colleagues and outsourcing companies. For example, if you add a new colleague to your list, they will later edit and view documents stored on your account, which are hosted on the internet. You can also decide who can access which documents, via shared folders that only certain individuals are able to access.

This feature is secure and stops multiple duplicates of the identical document. This also helps to prevent a messy in-box caused by the switching of a plan or project.

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