Engage and interact with QSR consumers through digital displays

Engage and interact with QSR consumers through digital displays

With the advent of digital technology, restaurant operators are constantly looking for new ways to engage their customers. A good example of this is digital signage in QSRs. Not only does this technology connect the physical experience of a restaurant with its digital experience on their mobile devices, but it also helps drive sales, boost AUV, and encourage multi-product purchases. In addition, Samsung offers a wide range of vibrant QSR-ready digital displays.

A recent survey conducted by Celtra, a provider of digital display advertising, creative software, and interactive videos, uncovered that more than 80% of consumers are comfortable ordering through mobile devices. However, recent reports reveal that recent cases of COVID-19 in the Delta variant have increased, and some municipalities have implemented social distancing mandates. As a result, QSRs may be left scrambling to address these concerns before the outbreak becomes a nationwide problem.

While most QSRs offer outdoor ordering options, it is still important to choose a menu board that is 100% sealed with a cable entry and built-in thermal systems. This will help keep display components warm in cold and cool in hot weather, reducing electricity costs. Additionally, look for an IP68-rated display, which means it will be protected against dirt and can operate in temperatures as high as 140deg F. For outdoor menu boards, impact-resistant cover glass is critical.

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