9 Tips to Promote Your Restaurant’s Business

9 Tips to Promote Your Restaurant’s Business 

Restaurant promotions can be a means to connect with both new and existing customers, expressing gratitude for their business. It all depends on the kind or type of eatery you run, certain promotions are more effective than others. Explore your options and you’ll find that the possibilities are limitless.


Happy Hour

The most well-known restaurant promotion for restaurants. Give discounts on drinks and appetizers for free to attract the Friday night crowd after work. If your appetizers and drinks are delicious, some might remain for dinner. Some will be reminded of your establishment months later when they’re pondering the best restaurant to dine at. It’s the best way to sell.


Everyone loves a bargain, and having two meals at a single price is a great deal. You’ll definitely lose your shirt in the event that you serve your most expensive meals in this manner, however lower priced meals that include chicken, pasta, low-cost cuts of beef, and specific types of fish are great alternatives. You might be so happy they’ll eat dessert or perhaps a couple of drinks.

Tasting Dinner with Wine or Beer Tasting Dinner

The wine-tasting dinners are great for promotions during low-demand seasons, such as the end of winter when many suffer with cabin fever, and require an excuse to venture out. Your wine distributor could serve as a sommelier, and assist in preparing an exquisite menu that includes the appropriate wine pairings. A artisan beer dinner can be a great alternative if it’s something your patrons like.


The holidays can be extremely lucrative for restaurants. For instance, a prix fixed dinner menu that is available to celebrate Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or other holidays is a wonderful promotional event. If you make reservations, you will be able to be able to have a large crowd all evening long but be prepared for an unexpected crowd.


Open-mic nights, live music and stand-up comedy also have huge popularity. If you provide entertainment frequently you may find those same patrons returning time and again, even after the microphone is off.

Theme Dinner

A themed dinner could be hosted on a regular or annually, making an event that will be a celebration for your clients. You could combine the theme of your dinner with a holiday event, such as a chocolate-themed dinner to celebrate Valentine’s Day. You can also create an Caribbean Cruise on a winter’s night. Create a theme menu based on the local cuisine during the season.


Many community groups work with restaurants to host fundraisers. The restaurant may give a percentage of its earnings to charities. The non-profit organization could offer tickets that pay for the cost of the event, and also a percentage to charitable causes. Whatever the case you’ll be hosting some new guests and support the cause.


If there is a bar in your establishment, a trivia night will draw a great midweek crowd between sports seasons. The guests form teams for the game, and the team that wins receives prizes such as gifts from the restaurant, t-shirts as well as pint glasses.

Sports Events

Even if you’re not an enthusiast of the Superbowl There are many who are. The idea of offering special meals for the biggest game of any sport will draw customers to your restaurant when they could be at home with chips and nachos. You could even set up your own fantasy team to attract your customers.



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