7 Reasons to invest in SEO

Are you familiar with those Yellow Pages? If you had a ruptured pipe, the next step you took after turning off the stopcock was to smuggle the massive book onto your wet lap to flick through the pages of poorly-written ads in desperate search of an emergency plumber who could help you.

Thankfully, life is significantly easier now. From plumbing issues to holiday planning to groceries, it’s easy to can do everything online. We can get the information we need within a matter of minutes.

With an average of an entire day per week online The internet is the world’s largest and most competitive marketplace and SEO is a crucial marketing strategy that will ensure your business is noticed by customers who are interested.

YOU probably know that SEO  stands for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION, BUT WHAT does that mean?

SEO is the process of optimizing your website’s content to ensure that it is displayed at the top of non-paid results for search. Think of it as placing an individual bookmark into the huge Yellow Pages to ensure that someone in need is able to find you quickly and easily.

However, SEO goes beyond being a search engine that appears. A good SEO is an approach that is multi-faceted which can assist in advertising as well as sell and develop your brand. It’s an investment area for any business.

Here are the reasons for spending money on SEO is a wise investment.


Search engines are among the most effective sources of information that you’ll ever have. Search engines are everywhere. engines and Google is the largest with more than 90 percent of the market. If you need an expert tradesperson, you contact Google. If you’re looking for an updated washing machine, ask Google. If you’re planning to reserve a hotel, you’ll ask Google. Google is our trusted partner and we trust him to assist us to to solve the majority of our problems in our day-to-day lives.

If you’re a company that doesn’t invest into SEO Google could not recognize that you exist, that means potential customers won’t have the ability to locate your business. The second most popular web search engine in the world is YouTube which opens up an entirely new field of optimization. It’s not enough to publish your video hoping that it is ranked. Video content that is compelling that is backed by a solid SEO base and an effective distribution strategies help create a brand that is memorable and provides a new opportunity to draw in traffic.

If you use the correct SEO strategies Search engines can bring interested visitors directly to your site , without cost-effective advertisements.


Google with its intricate algorithms, is somewhat of matchmaker. It aims to match potential buyers with potential sellers and the right SEO assists in this process.

SEO isn’t about tricking engines into showing your website. It’s about making sure search engines understand the exact content you’re writing about to ensure that it is before the correct people – those who are searching for similar businesses to yours. You also have a higher likelihood of selling to people who are already in the market.

Additionally, as the majority of users have smartphones and there’s been an increase in mobile search results. Google has responded by providing users with better localized results. This is a great thing for small-scale firms. Localization can allow businesses to compete against larger companies, provided they have the proper SEO to be recognized.

Optimizing your website and content to be relevant to a particular region (town or city) and incorporating local citations and backlinks of high quality as well as a robust Google My Business listing are crucial if you want to be discovered on an individual scale.

By ensuring that users can find relevant local businesses Search engines ensure you get local, relevant and more importantly, customers who are interested.


SEO is the balance between optimizing your content to be optimized for search engines and also for users (i.e. possible customers). Keywords scattered all over your website makes it seem like spam and is unattractive for people who visit your website, and makes it difficult to market your company.

According to Bill Gates said back in 1996, ” content is the king” and SEO is all focused on creating relevant, high-quality content. Therefore, your website should contain optimized content that is well-read, but also is also inspiring, sells, and educates and finally, gives users the information they need to help them navigate the buying process, too.

To ensure a positive user experience, the information must be presented in the form of a smartly designed website that looks stunning outwardly and is simple to navigate as well as quick to load and mobile-friendly and yet is easy for the search engine to crawl and index.

Content such as optimized blog videos and posts are excellent ways to increase value to your users, and boost your rank.

At the final analysis, any potential buyer who has had a positive experience with your website is much more likely to purchase.


It is said that you get what you put in your mouth and that’s certainly the case for SEO. 

E-AAT stands for Expert, Authoritative and Trustworthy. If your site exhibits these qualities Google will choose your site over others and will rank your site higher. SEO strategies can be employed to build your EAT profile, and get your name recognized as an expert in your area of expertise. This builds your reputation too.

A sound SEO strategy should include tactics that include maintaining good profile on social networks, publishing informative blog posts and securing backlinks from reputable sites , and looking for online reviews from customers. All of these can help boost your reputation. When your name is mentioned on more sites across the web, recognition of your brand will increase in a way that isn’t just an immediate increase. You’ll reap the advantages of this ‘popular expert status for many long time to come in terms of rankings as well as brand value.


SEO is a low-cost marketing tool. Recent research indicates that it has the best ROI (ROI) for many companies.

According to a survey conducted of The Search Engine Journal more than 50% of businesses believed that organic search was the one with the highest ROI, whereas just a fraction of 20% reported an excellent return on paid searches.

While the benefit on certain digital marketing strategies is only short-term SEO for organic search creates the basis for results over the long term even after the campaign or investment is over. The higher traffic, improved user experience and status of authority that SEO creates will increase the number of sales you make for a long time after your PPC advertisement has gone away.

What is a typical ROI OF SEO?

Based on numerous sources and studies The results of online advertising is quite uniform, but it can also be contingent on the type of product or market but generally:

  • A ratio greater than 5:1 (5x) is considered to be a strong ratio for the majority of businesses.
  • 10-to-1 (10x) ratio extraordinary.
  • The possibility of achieving a higher than 10:1 is possible however this shouldn’t be an goal.

Solve is a company that Solve we strive to exceed the typical ROI of SEO. In some instances, we have surpassed more than 19x ROI!


The initial page in search results Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) is extremely competitive. Research indicates that the top three results can receive up to 75percent of the clicks therefore it is worth the effort to be in the top position.

SEO isn’t new, as some of the players are well-established online, which means they have the highest ranking. The competition with them on the SERP is difficult, and it becomes tougher each day. If you’re trying to improve your rankings by using SEO and other methods, the gap between you and them is only going to get bigger.

At a local level If there’s no investment in SEO then a large number of your competitors are. As they rise up the rankings they’ll slide down and you’ll be less likely to get the attention of.

It’s a continuous process. Each time an algorithm update is released Search engines are striving to offer users the most accurate, relevant information. Sites that do not stay up-to-date with the latest practices will soon fall out of search rankings.

In addition, good SEO demands thorough analysis of your competition in the market, as well as the behavior of buyers. A SEO expert is an integral part of your team. They are immersed them into your brand, your customers, as well as your competitors. This understanding is extremely valuable and can often lead to new opportunities.


SEO is constantly changing since search engines are constantly trying to eliminate bad content to provide users with the most enjoyable experience. The constantly changing algorithms and the numerous off-page factors that influence ranking, mean it’s extremely challenging to stay on top of the latest trends.

For a top rankings, you’ll need an SEO specialist with a proven track record that is aware of the latest trends and utilizes the most recent methods.