5 Essential Ingredients to Enhance Your Online Web Presence

What is your online presence and how do you build it? | Insights

How can you enhance your online presence for your business and ensure that you’re prominent to your customers who are on the internet, and also draw customers to your company?

1. OPTIMIZE your site to increase your online visibility on GOOGLE as well as OTHER Search ENGINES.

If a potential client is searching for the local service or product that your business provides You want to rank at the top of the list. Utilize the appropriate terms on your website and adhere to Google’s suggestions regarding the use of sitemaps as well as other tools that alert users of your website’s presence, its content, and any updates.

2. Make sure that your company’s information is clear and prominent.

While it’s obvious, it’s astonishing how many companies fail to make it easy to locate their business’s details. It’s important to display:

  • Company name
  • City, state and state
  • Contact information, such as the number of the phone or email address and/or Skype name
  • A brief overview of the products and services available.
  • Hours of operation

It is important to ensure that this information is prominently displayed on your site. See the way we have laid out ours on this page.

It is impossible to predict what time a potential customer will be in the mood to conduct trade with you. Don’t make it difficult to them find the relevant information.


To increase your visibility online You must be different from the rest of your competitors.

Make the effort to write engaging and relevant information. Make sure your website’s pages are filled with interesting articles that are sure to draw interest of visitors.

This serves two functions:

  • It draws visitors seeking out information even if they’re not seeking a particular product or service right now. While they may not be customers the more people you get and the more hours they are spending on your website, the higher your Google position will be.
  • It shows your knowledge in the field of your business.

4. AFFECT a LOT OF VALUE IN SOCIAL MEDIA and be a good friend.

In the age of the internet your business’s online presence will be evaluated by whether or not your website has a human component to it.

A web presence is being active on at least one social network like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn and also attracting your social media followers to engage with your website.

An increasing number of users are making use of Facebook as well as Twitter in order to learn about the companies that their colleagues and friends recommend to them. Your participation also is a positive signal that will boost your Google position.

5. Stay in TOUCH with your visitors following the fact.

If someone visits your site, it’s one time experience. But, what happens is the case if they don’t want to buy from you now? Do you have a method to convince your users to provide their email addresses each time they come to your website?

The most popular methods a company can employ can be to send out newsletters every so often. This keeps potential clients informed of your services and allows you to tell them more about your services.

When you ask your visitors for their details:

  • Offer something of “real value’ for the exchange. For instance, you could offer them a coupon for a particular product or service you offer.
  • Make clear how you intend to utilize their data. Inform them about the type of newsletter you will include and when they will be receiving it.
  • Be clear about the ways in which you will not utilize the information of your customers. If you can genuinely state that you will not share the information to or sell their data to any third party provide them with the assurance.